ERP Software can Ease Large Businesses Resource Planning

Enterprises resource planning is backbone of every scale of business. The software is a tool for managing production planning, order processing, inventory and customer relations management. It also monitors business resources such as revenue, material, orders and production capacity. ERP software can integrate all functions at one place. It can save your time and cost as well. This is very helpful tool for boost productivity, improve customer tracking and operate a better inventory. It can help managers to automate resource planning and managing it properly. Manually resource planning is such a difficult task, it take more time for one activity and these days every one want to manage more tasks in short time. Time is more important for the success of every business.

Enterprise should use computerized ERP software for managing their resources accurately. These days large businesses face problems while managing resource planning manually. Large organization’s owners have not enough time to check daily business activities. Erpisto provide cloud ERP software that enable business owners to check resources detail at anytime and from anywhere by using mobile phone and tablet. These days cloud applications are need of life.  Cloud ERP software provides inclusive reporting based on real time data.

It provide Inventory management software that help to manage your inventory in better way. Inventory tracking is such a difficult task for an organization. Erpisto allow track inventory easily with barcode printing. It can notify you every activity related inventory placement and shipment.

By using cloud services organization try to keep their data more secure. Different cloud applications use different level of flexibility. Some cloud applications provide high work performance and lower data security. Enterprise are more conscious about data security as well.  Erpisto ERP software provides full data security. It provides accessibility to every department their relevant data. It will never show important data of one department to other. In this way you data is secured from everyone. No one can use your important data.

Emerging Trends of Cloud Accounting Software

Accounts play an important role in growth of any business. Accounting crisis covered the way for the evolution of financial management. By using cloud accounting software business can recover their weak performance and learn how to adopt constantly changing trends in the company.  In the year there are many changes that an accounting carried out. Manual accounting management is such a difficult task for an organization. Many organizations are embracing the trends in accounting in order to change their business functions. Most people are also outsourcing their accounting needs to giving full focus on the tasks. These are some accounting trends in 2017.

  1. Cloud Accounting

Mostly organizations are totally depends on cloud for different functions from data storage to connectivity and decreasing cost. An emerging accounting trend, today cloud accounting is rapidly increasing work force and easy access to the accounting records.   

  1. Automation

Automation of accounting is a trend that can save time of managing accounting activities. Cloud accounting software can allow to edit reports easily if you find any mistake in reports then it can easily change it within few seconds.

  1. Social Media Strategy

Some organizations use social media to for existence of their business online. It will help to reach to the large number of audience. This is very helpful for marketing of our product.

  1. Collaborative Accounting

Accounting is not just seeing for automation and trends of software. It is also a term of collaboration with customers. It is not a new term, accounting activities and internet collaboration can enhance the efficacy of accounting management.

  1. Utilization

One of the major trends in accounting is utilization finance and accounting services. It is most important to enable business focus on their main business operations rather than building an accounting department.

Erpisto cloud accounting software is a tool to manage accounts accurately.  It can manage daily transactions and make automatic general ledger.  It can also make balance sheet, cash flow statement, general ledger and profit and lose statement on just one click. You can manage your business accounts without having proper accounting knowledge.

5 ways to Improve the Data Quality using CRM Software Solutions

Quality of data is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a CRM software solutions, but in actuality, factors like automation, reporting, control are given more importance than this.

A CRM software’s prime job is to ensure that the data fed in it is presented in a smart and interactive way, so that necessary actions can be taken. Quality data from CRM depends on many factors and this article will discuss about five ways to improve the quality of your CRM data:

Input data Quality

To ensure that important data is not left out, CRM users can put in ‘required’ alerts in the input screen and capture only the necessary stuffs. Data overload also leads to duplication, unnecessary information and wastage of time. The process of capturing and feeding only the important stuffs can be imbibed as a practice among the users to make the process faster and fruitful.

Data Gathering Process

For a customer-centric company, gathering data pertaining to customers is done through various means like surveys, form filling, feedback, online forms, interviews, etc. For your CRM to give best results, the data gathering process needs to be crisp. Basic information gathering process needs to be short, so that it can be fed into the system in a short time, as it makes it easy to integrate the collected data into the cloud CRM software solutions.

Reduce Duplication

The biggest threat to data accuracy is the amount of data duplication that leaves the data inaccurate and redundant for future use. To avoid data duplication, all departments need to be brought on the same platform and should have access to information about every customer and flexibility to view and add further communication. This will help in smooth transition along with identification of any duplicate data.

Reduce Overlapping

Many times, it is not only the data that is fed into the system, but field activities too can have an impact on the data created in the system. Adhering to strict processes can make a lot of difference to the data while bringing down variable costs. Over and above, personal accountability should be practiced to ensure that employees stay extra careful while feeding data into the CRM system.

Regular Cleanup of Data

For your CRM software solutions to perform at its optimum best, schedule regular checkups to ensure data accuracy. Focusing on data optimization part during downtimes will help maintain a consistent and constant level of data quality for a long run.

Successful CRM implementation calls for significant efforts, time and money. Planning and following a defined process to ensure optimum data quality as well as consistency in maintaining the CRM system’s performance at optimum levels will help grow your business and retain your customers.

How to Conduct Small Business Activities with ERP Software?

Small business owner start business and manage all their accounts and inventory in spreadsheet. They want to maximize their profit and productivity and it is possible only when if they spend more time for managing business activities. Managing accounts and all business resources manually can be very difficult to handle. Companies use software for managing business resources accurately. ERP Software for small business helps to reduce the cost and increase the profitability. Enterprise resource planning management software is need of businesses. When a business owner starts its new business then he has to manage all activities and manually it is very difficult task.

All ERP software developed in different manner. Business owners have to choose best suitable ERP software for their organization that can customize the all operations of business. ERP management software have capability to integrate all functions of business and can merge all reports. It is very helpful for analysis of business condition. Accounts management is the most critical task of an organization. A single mistake can create serious problem.  All organizations try to manage their accounts in good manner. Mostly organizations use software for management of accounts.

Cloud accounting software can manage daily transactions automatically and make accurate reports. Account management is compulsory for good financial health of organization. With accounting software organizations can custom invoice, payment tracking and financial reporting, choosing suitable software for your business. Accounting software can manage your online payments, track expenses and accurate accounting reports. It can send professional invoice to customers and can receive online payments. Accounting software can manage your expenses and save money in the futures. It can track, categorize and make accurate bills for the customers on just one click. Cloud based accounting software enable you to manage financial activities by using mobile or tablet.

Maintain Minimum and Maximum Inventory Levels with Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is very essential for organization. Every business wants to maintain their inventory system. In Inventory management managers try to control goods, raw material that a firm uses for production of goods and finished goods. During production companies need raw material immediately. A single delay can be the case of serious problem. By using manual system it is not possible to respond quickly. By using software you can get material’s address quickly and can easy access. Inventory management software can manage inventory activities easily and can manage daily reports. It can store and analyze retailer and department. Create accurate. Inventory management software have many features that are very helpful for organization. Some features are given bellow.

  • Expire Date Tracking
  • Barcode Printing
  • Live Dashboard Reporting
  • Tax Complexity
  • Provide information timely
  • Track Free Space for Inventory Placement
  • Serial Number tracking

Erpisto Inventory Management Software can maximize profit of your company. You can increase profitably of organization by real time monitoring. It also provides a feature that can track free space of inventory. It has the ability to manage physical inventory count and can make automatic report. It can manage revenue management and price optimization. Erpisto provide mobile app that allow inventory management transactions via mobile. Managers can control inventory management from anywhere. It allows cloud based application that provides facility to use it on any device.

Some companies want to manage their resource by using software but they also have fear of data leakage and data lost. Business owner think that software can be lost or misplaced there important data.

Erpisto ERP software is total secured application that can manage your data from third person and can save data as long as you want. It can also keep the backup of data you can recover data whenever you want.

Why Cloud Accounting Software is becoming need of a business?

There are many reasons why companies decide not to install special accounting software. These include costs and worries about complexity. Cloud Accounting software have been just about as long as humans have engaged in trade and commerce. This make sense because if we can to do business with each other in any kind of organized way we need a system that keep track all exchanges.

There are two main categories of accounting, financial accounting and managerial accounting. Financial accounting can manage information that is made by public to the stockholders, customers, and creditors and regulatory. Managerial accounting can manage information that is not shared with the public, such as salaries, profits, and the cost of goods produced.

Accounting software is essential if you want to be able to grow your business in a way that can be measured and predicted. Having a system to tracking your assets, liabilities and income lets you to make smart, informed business decisions based on the performance and present financial health of your organization.

Advantages to using Cloud Accounting Software instead of Excel:

  • Cloud Accounting software developed by those who understand accounting. In Excel you have to design own process, which may or may not be best.
  • It can quickly generate helpful high-level reports like profit and loss statement to help business planning.
  • By using Excel, you might make formula errors. Erpisto Cloud based accounting software handles the mathematical backend for you ensuring accurate reporting.
  • It offers audit trail so you know who is making changes to your accounts and when.
  • With cloud based accounting software you can easily send electronic invoices to clients. If we are using excel, we have to create separate system for sending, receiving and resolving payments.
  • With accounting software, you can easily work on your accounting on the go using a tablet or a smart phone.

Erpisto Cloud Accounting Software has a feature that can manage budget. It allows you to make budget of using capital. It can daily report of cash and with the help of that you can analyze daily cash consuming for purchase and can make some plan to improve cash flow. It also provides mobile app that allow you to use it from anywhere at any time.

Why do we need ERP software for growth of business?

There are different ways in defining ERP software. Enterprise Resource Planning is an accounting oriented information system for planning and identifying the enterprise resource to make account and ship for customer orders. Software that are being managed during 1960/70 for traditional business functions like sales, marketing, accounts, production and human resource. It is not surprising that 44% of current ERP prospects are using multiple disparate systems that cause lots of manual, duplicate entry.

SAP business gives the ability to put all departments’ data in one software. It can manage accounts, maintain customer and sales information, track details of product and inventory information.

Successful implementation of and ERP software have many benefits:

  • Improve data accuracy

ERP software is composed of many modules where modules represent important component of business. If data is entered in one module such as receiving, it automatically update other modules like accounts payable and inventory. This updating occurs at the real time e.g. when transaction occur.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

ERP software can provide huge boost to the efficiency of daily transactions as per order fulfillment, on shipment time, performance of seller and management quality. Asset management software can manage daily assets and it can be very helpful to improve productivity.

  • Accurate Planning

ERP software can manage resource planning accurately. ERP Software can help in proper utilization of resources like raw materials, human resource and tools.

  • Lower cost of operations

It can manage all operations automatically and only one person can manage all these tasks no need to hire more employee for resource planning. In this way it can save your cost of operations.

  • Better CRM

Its CRM Software can manage customer relationship management. It can make better relationship between customer and organization. It can mange sales, customer contact info and as well as customers complaints about product.

  • Effective Account management

ERP software integrated with Cloud accounting software that can maintain daily accounts and make general ledger automatically. It can make accurate error free reports of all payable and receivable accounts.

Core Benefits of Implementing ERP Software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has many advantages. Including all of them, implementing ERP software can increase efficiencies, decrease costs, improve productivity, and streamline processes. Following are the major benefits of ERP Software

  • Competition

ERP Software requires a major investment, but there is also an even bigger cost in not making the investment. Some manufacturers choose to stick to the tried and true methods of the past, others seek technology solutions. Manufacturers afford to put off an ERP implementation while their competition invests in ERP and starts reaping the many benefits we will touch on below.

  • Forecasting

Cloud ERP software give user and managers, the tools they need to create more accurate forecasts. Since the information within ERP software is as accurate as possible, businesses can make realistic estimates and more effective forecasts.

  • Scalability

ERP system allows the addition of new users and functions to grow the initially implemented solution over time. When your business needs more resources or ready to grow, ERP Software should be able to facilitate that growth.

  • Cost Saving

ERP software solutions reduce administrative and operations costs with one source of accurate and real time information. It allows manufacturers to manage operations, delay, break up information, prevents disruptions and helps users make decisions more quickly.

  • Security

Through Online ERP Software your data is secure in place. ERP system will improve the consistency, security of data and accuracy through built in resources and firewalls.

  • Flexibility

Enterprise resource planning software system is configurable, robust, and flexible. It also can adapt to the ever changing needs of a growing business, ensuring you won’t have to buy a new solution once your needs change or your business grow.

  • Reporting

Through this software, you can make reports easier and customizable. With improved reporting capabilities, your company can respond to complex data requests more easily. Users can also run their own reports without relying on help from Information Technology Department.

Erpisto provide Cloud ERP Software that can manage resource planning. It can manage daily inventory, warehouse, finance and asset automatically. It can generate accurate daily reports of resource management.

Why Implementation of ERP Software is important for business?

Cloud based ERP software is platform that make it simpler for little to moderate sized organizations to rapidly and reasonably change from off-the-shelf accounting system to ERP bundles. Money related accounting can be a large source of overhead… But it doesn’t need to be. A decent ERP can naturally represent basic exchanges when they happen, including:

  • Revenue from sales orders
  • Receivable accounts from invoices
  • Payable accounts from bills
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Inventory management
  • Sales tax
  • Production cost

ERP can record automatically day to day transactions; you can reduce the need for manual entries and depend on consistently being able to retrieve business data in disparate system means that it is difficult to integrate the data together to gain insight on your entire business.

A good ERP software can make it easy to manage processes i.e. order entry, inventory count, shipping and receiving. But on other hand software can gives your data full access to unauthorized persons. Accounting and payroll reports are very important for an organization but some software can give access to other persons and they can use it in wrong way. Erpisto ERP also provides accounting software that can manage your accounts and as well as keep secure your data from other persons.

It can also integrate inventory management software reports with accounts. It will save your time and cost of maintaining those report separately.  Mostly software organizations do focused on delivering product that meets the needs of customers. But you have your own processes, procedures and competitive advantages that make your business unique. A good ERP implementation partner will work with your team to develop and understand that how you company can work. ERP system can meet your need and requirements. Erpisto ERP system provide flat rate pricing which ensure that you would not get high cost on per user when they are add new employee in the system.

Benefits and Features of ERP software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates internal and external communication with one system. ERP software can collaborate process and information for various functions like, production, accounts and finance, human resource and sale management. ERP software is very important for every business because of its ability of doing planning of enterprise resources. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a category of business that can manage resource planning.  There are many ERP software features in the enterprise some of them are given bellow.

  • Financial Management

ERP software provides financial functionality and analysis reports for different department.

  • Human Resource Management

ERP solution offers different sub-systems for HR management. These subsystems are recruitment management systems that manage recruitment of organization.

  • Production Management

It can manage production management. It can help companies to plan production plan. It can manage workflow and quality in order to ensure the delivery of real time data of inventory information.

  • CRM

It can manage customer relationship management activities and monitor the status of the contacts of customers. It can help to bring data together to enable sales and marketing planning.

  • Inventory Management

It can manage inventory management accurately. It can record daily inventory and can make report of inventory placement. It can also track inventory with barcodes.

Cloud ERP Software is very beneficial for small and large scale business. It can manage all resource of enterprise in accurate and easily way. Small business can use to increase productivity and large organization use it for managing inventory in better way. All necessary application are integrated in this one system so in this way it can save your time and cost as well. There are many benefits of using ERP software some of them benefits are discussed bellow.

  • Increase productivity of organization.
  • Manage day to day activities easily.
  • Improve decision making.
  • Reduce operation cost.