How to Compare ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia and Plan the Right Choice

Erpisto #1 ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia Have you ever been to the supermarket and been unable to decide which of four different types of tinned tomatoes to place in your shopping cart? It’s amazing how many questions pop into your head, such as “Do I need to be diced, crushed, or chopped?” or “Do I pick the larger tin that’s a better value or the smaller tin that appears to be a higher quality brand?” It appears that even a basic chore like grocery shopping has a plethora of possibilities. So, what happens when you have to make critical selections like comparing ERP software options that will manage your entire company? 

The choice to implement an ERP system is not one to be taken lightly. When done correctly, it can be the difference between drastically enhanced business performance and profitability and being trapped with more complicated processes and lower performance if done incorrectly. There are a plethora of vendors, distributors, and implementers to choose from, each touting its unique advantages. Which ones should you be concentrating on? What are the best cloud ERP systems to look into? And how can you decide which ERP system is best for your company by focusing on your individual ERP solution requirements? We’ve outlined some simple factors and actions to follow when selecting ERP software, and now it’s your turn.

Make a list of the items you want to include in your shortlist.

It’s a good idea to jot down the key challenges or pain points you’re seeking to tackle before you start looking for ERP solutions in Saudi Arabia recommendations and comparing ERP vendors and providers. What kind of process inefficiencies does your company now have? Do you have many systems that don’t communicate with one another? Consider all of the operations that occur in your company on a daily basis, such as inventory and order management, purchasing, CRM, sales and marketing, and accounting.

Consider running your selection by others in the company to confirm the importance of concerns and identify other opportunities.

Erpisto #1 ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia

How to Compare ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia and Plan the Right Choice

How to Compare ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia and Plan the Right Choice

Is it better to have a traditional on-premise system or a modern cloud-based system?

This is a crucial decision to make early on since it will reduce the amount of ERP solutions you need to consider and help you clarify what you want to get out of an ERP system. See our article What Is Cloud ERP Software? for a complete explanation of cloud ERP. What Are the Advantages? To summarise, selecting cloud-based ERP software simply means you’ll be paying for the ERP software in Saudi Arabia vendor’s software on a continuous basis. Because your system is accessed through a secure web interface, there is no need to set up any server equipment.

Cloud-based solutions offer a lot of flexibility because users may securely access the system from anywhere. 

Check to see if the implementation partner you’re considering has a speedy implementation strategy. This is a good sign that they’re knowledgeable and well-organized, and that they’ll keep the momentum continuing so you can go live and start using the system sooner.


Involving important stakeholders from the outset of the implementation process can be quite advantageous. They’ll feel more confident in utilizing the ERP once it’s in place if they’re coached through the configuration for their jobs and responsibilities. After go-live, there will be less need for extra training or prolonged time working on system procedures and usage.

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Physical Resources

This is mostly limited to on-premise ERP solutions, as cloud systems are designed to run on almost any device with the bare minimum of requirements. On-premise systems may necessitate a significantly greater, up-front investment in terms of physical equipment. Hardware like servers, operating system software for those servers, backup devices, additional networking, and other equipment are all included in the cost of running your business software.

Because many startups and small businesses lack this degree of IT infrastructure, make sure you learn about the equipment requirements for the ERP software you’re considering. It’s an additional expense that must be included.


By definition, cloud-based software focuses on establishing a secure, encrypted connection with your ERP system via SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols. Many cloud service providers offer the same level of security as banks. Make sure to inquire about the security measures used by your ERP services in Saudi Arabia so you can feel safe about your sensitive business data. If you’re considering an on-premise option, you’ll need to think about the security of the premises where your server equipment is stored. If you want to maintain security outside of office hours, this can involve alarmed server rooms, CCTV devices, and paid security employees.

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ERP Solutions In Saudi Arabia
ERP Solutions In Saudi Arabia
ERP Solutions In Saudi Arabia
ERP Solutions In Saudi Arabia
ERP Solutions In Saudi Arabia

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