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It #1 Microfinance ERP in Saudi Arabia | Company | Services-Partner one of the biggest challenges to manage microfinance for any organization. Erpisto Microfinance ERP Software in Saudi Arabia is a robust management information system that is built specifically to address the needs of microfinance institutions, NGOs and Corporative Societies all around the Saudi Arabia. Our microfinance ERP software in Saudi Arabia solution has a very user-friendly interface which really attracts the user and a layman can use it as well. #1 Microfinance ERP in Saudi Arabia | Company | Services-Partner can manage the overall operations including accounting management, information system management, Human Resource management and CRM module.

It is quite flexible to meet the unique requirements of the client and scalable for revenue growth. #1 Microfinance ERP in Saudi Arabia | Company | Services-Partner is designed ranging from small-scale microfinance to giant microfinance organizations. Management of branches, clients, loans, savings and accounts is no more a dilemma for microfinance enterprises, only because of ERP Software in Saudi Arabia.

Salient Features:

Client Management

  • Unlimited Clients’ Data Storage
  • Management of Clients Groups
  • Clients Documents Management


  • Properly structured and managed account charts
  • Customizable account charts
  • Helping in Creating Predefined Accounting Rules
  • Asset Management
  • Accurate Accounting Postings


  • Client Reports
  • Loan Reports
  • Saving Reports
  • Funds Reports

Insurance Management

  • Death Documents from Branches
  • Insurance Claims
  • Claim Received
  • Settlement of Claims
  • Reclaim Rejected Claims

Product Management

  • Create Loan Product
  • Assign Service Tax
  • Loan Gradation

Administration Management

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Unlimited User Administration
  • Funds Management

Benefits of Erpisto #1 Microfinance ERP in Saudi Arabia | Company | Services-Partner

Learn about our #1 Microfinance ERP in Saudi Arabia | Company | Services-Partner and the variety of benefits that it provides you are mentioned below;

  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Grows with you as you grow
  • Gain transparency and insight into your business in real time
  • Agile, User-friendly and flexible
  • Easy Access –Just connect to the Internet
  • Continuous Development and support
  • Robust Accounting management with reliable mathematical logic

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