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#1 Hospital Software in saudi-arabia | HIMS System | Cloudpital is specially designed to manage all activities of hospital or healthcare industry. Hospital management software in saudi-arabia is integrated with health industry and manages OPD, IPD management, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, mobile applications, room management, online appointment scheduling, secure messaging, family portal, portal for patients, medical portals, electronic medical devices, billing, accounting, human resources and payroll. Hospital management software in saudi-arabia provides online alert software which sends text messages or email to remember their appointment. Our software helps to improve patient care.


EMR software in saudi-arabia improves monitoring, effectiveness and reduces duplicate information. EMR software in saudi-arabia provides high level of security so unauthorized user cannot access patient’s records. E-Clinic software in saudi-arabia offers a wide collection of components to improve healthcare activities, with an innovative features and latest templates. E-Clinic software in saudi-arabia makes the operation of all clinics efficient and trustworthy. By using #1 Hospital Software in saudi-arabia | HIMS System | Cloudpital patients can schedule their appointment online without having to go to clinics. It is not necessary to stand for a long time in line to schedule an appointment.

Modules of CloudPital’s Hospital Software in saudi-arabia

  • Improved workflows and patient-centered
  • Less paper work required
  • Instant information retrieval
  • Less labor requirements
  • Compatible with all devices, so information is available at anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Exchange of information among health specialists from around the world
  • Decisions of timely treatment
  • Access to digital images and communication in online medicine images if the HIMS is web-based
  • Save a lot of money to the promoters if HIMS is based on the web
  • Optimized administrative workflows
  • Online claim processing for cashless patients becomes too easy
  • HIMS based on the web can also provide services such as scheduling online dating
  • Allows remote access to all interested parties, including patients
  • Accepting online payments becomes possible with E-Commerce for payment gateways
  • Real-time dedicated customer support
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy and fast document recovery
  • Patient charts and other medical reports are within your reach
  • Remote access to all records related to patients, doctors, medicine, ambulance, etc.
  • Smart and easy clinical workflow
  • Security compliance to guarantee privacy


Benefits of Cloudpital’s Hospital Management Software in saudi-arabia:

The vital benefits that the hospital can achieve from Hospital Management Software in saudi-arabia are:

  • Minimum manpower requirements.
  • Instant information retrieval.
  • Efficient treatment decisions.
  • Share information among health care specialists worldwide.
  • All access to digital images online through web-based HMIS.
  • Cost savings for the promoters.
  • Isolated access for interested parties that include patients.
  • CloudPital HMIS offers online appointment scheduling.
  • Online payment option through ecommerce for payment gateways.
  • Support for online claims processing for patients without cash.

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