CRM & ERP Analytics enables you to plan, manage, and measure your customers’ activities and interactions

Erpisto CRM & ERP Analytics is designed to be used by the campaign and marketing teams for the provision of customer insights for more personalized campaigns. Erpisto CRM & ERP Analytics software is intuitive and easy to use and it is designed to put the power in the hands of users instead of technical teams.

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[toggle title=”Sales Analytics” open=”yes”]Erpisto Sales Analytics takes sales to the next level by delivering cross-object reporting, historical trending and user-friendly dashboards. Erpisto sales analytics lets you go beyond the weekly pipeline reports and deliver all the KPIs that matters the most for the sales performance. Erpisto let you uncover the systemic issues and potentially game-changing opportunities related to sales. You will be provided historical trending and predictive pattern analysis. Erpisto sales analytics provides the best sale analytics practices which help in growing the sales revenue.


Amount Variance – Won vs Expected RevenueAmount Variance – Actual Revenue vs Expected Revenue plotted for current year and last
Average Deal Size across Quarters
Average Sales Cycle (Days) across QuartersThe Average days spent in closing the deal (both won & lost) across the various quarters
Closed Revenue Last 2 YearsClosed Revenue last 2 years with growth percentage
Closed Revenue This QuarterClosed Revenue this quarter
Deal Count vs Sales Cycle Time (Age Tier)The number of deals done grouped based on the days spent in closing the deal (both won & lost). Plotted for the whole period.
Deals Count vs Sales Cycle TimeNo of Deals closed vs the Sales Cycle time (Age Tier) spent on closing the deals (both won & lost) plotted for the whole period.
Deals won in last 13 monthsDeals won in last 13 months
Existing vs New Customers Sales in 2012Sales from Existing vs New Customers in 2012
Monthly Sales ReportMonthly sales with average deal size and No of deals.
Number of Deals – Current vs Last QuarterNumber of deals won in the last two quarter grouped by the deal size
Quarter over Quarter Comparison – Last 4 QuartersQuarter over Quarter revenue comparison Last 4 Quarters
Quarter Over Quarter Revenue Across YearsQuarter over Quarter revenue along with Growth %
Revenue – Current Vs Previous QuarterTotal Sales, Average Deal Size, Total Number of Deals Won and Win Rate%
Sales Funnel ReportReport that shows the sales funnel – leads to potentials to closed sales
Sales this Quarter by Deal size (Amount Tier)This Quarter sales categorized by Deal Size
Top 5 Deals This QuarterTop 5 sales deals this quarter.

[toggle title=”Leads Analytics” open=”no”]Erpisto Lead Analytics helps in generating the sales leads which let organizations assess their potential value to a business. You can assess the value prospective leads by following a CRM & ERP method of analytical selection of prospects based on the purchase history, line of business and generated earnings.


Leads Created by Source this yearLead Created by each Source in each month of this year
Leads Conversion Vs Drop out Analysis – This Year vs Last YearLeads conversion analysis providing no. of leads converted to potentials, no. of deals won and no. of deals lost. Leads count are categorized based on lead owner. The conversion analysis is compared between this year & last year.
Leads Created Across MonthsNo of Leads created across months
Leads Created by each Owner – This monthLeads created by each Owner this month
Leads by Source & Status – This quarterLeads created by each source & their current status this quarter Leads by Lead Source – This month Leads created by each source this month
Leads to Potentials Conversion Analysis – This YearLeads that were converted to Potentials and Won Deals Count for this year are provided. Leads are categorized based on each source. Lead sources which do not have even a single converted lead are not listed
Leads to Potentials Drop out Analysis – This YearLeads that were converted to Potentials and eventually lost are listed in this report. Leads created this year from different sources are considered
Top 5 Leads Campaign by Revenue – This YearProvides the Top 5 campaigns which made the most revenue this year

[toggle title=”Potential Pipeline Analytics” open=”no”]Erpisto Potential Pipeline Analytics help customers to increase revenue, improve safety and reduce the maintenance costs through the reduction in equipment failure. Erpisto Potential Pipeline Analytics is proven software for detecting and diagnosing all the problems related to reliability than most of the traditional software solutions.


Pipeline this QuarterPipeline this quarter categorized by its stage and age tier
Average Number of Potentials Created in each Quarter across YearsAverage number of potentials created across years in each quarter
Estimated vs Expected Pipeline Revenue This QuarterEstimated vs Expected Pipeline revenue this quarter
Expected Revenue this QuarterExpected Revenue this quarter and the number of open potentials
Pipeline By Amount and StageSales Pipeline by Amount and Stage
Pipeline By Count and StageCount of open potentials by stage
Pipeline this Quarter by Deal SizePipeline this Quarter grouped by Deal size and Age Tier. The percentage of contribution is also provided
Potentials Conversion Count by MonthPotentials Conversion Count by month. By default current year is plotted.
Potentials Created Date vs Their Current StatusPotentials status based on their created date
Potentials Creation by MonthsNumber of potentials created across months. This Year is selected as default. Use filters to select other years and stage
Stage DurationAverage duration spent so far by the open potentials present in different stages. This only takes into consideration the active potentials
Won vs Expected Revenue – Attainment %Won Amount vs Expected Revenue called the “Attainment %” for the last 2 years
Won vs Lost Deals with Month over Month GrowthWon vs Lost Deal count with month over month growth % for the last 2 years

[toggle title=”Predictive Analytics” open=”no”]Erpisto Predictive Analytics makes improvement in the productivity of key engineering and maintenance personnel. It makes reduction in the maintenance expenses by fixing all the problems as it lets you catch the problems in the early stage. Alerts, notifications and warnings allow you to plan maintenance related operations in the best way.


Expected Deals Next 4 WeeksExpected Deals in the next 4 weeks
Predicted New Business – Next 3 MonthsPredicted New Business that could come in Next 3 Months (90 days)
Predicted Pipeline Revenue – Next 3 MonthsThis provides the predicted revenue for the next 3 months (90 days) based on the existing pipeline
Quarterly Win RateWin Rate % Last 4 Quarters (including this quarter)
Expected Deals this Quarter Grouped by Age TierExpected number of deals this Quarter grouped by Age Tier
Expected Deals with Probability above 80% this QuarterExpected Deals with Probability above 80% this Quarter
Expected number of deals and revenue by Sales person this QuarterExpected number of deals and revenue by Sales person this Quarter
Expected number of deals and revenue by Stage this QuarterExpected number of deals and revenue by Stage this Quarter
Expected Revenue By Stage – Next 4 weeksExpected Revenue by Stage in the next 4 weeks
Expected Revenue from Potentials above 180 days old this QuarterExpected Revenue from Potentials above 180 days old this quarter
Pipeline vs Expected Sales This YearPipeline vs Expected Sales for this year
Top 10 deals expected this QuarterTop 10 deals expected this quarter

[toggle title=”Sales Person Analytics” open=”no”]Erpisto Sales Analytics is an essential tool for the sales people as they have the opportunity to maximize sales opportunities from their existing website traffic by unmasking the company names of visitors of the website and identify the key information. Erpisto Sales Person Analytics let the sales teams target prospects based on their size, location and industry.


Bottom 5 Sales Person – Last QuarterBottom 5 Sales Persons in last quarter.
Last Quarter Pipeline Generation by All Sales PersonPotential Generation by All Sales Person Last Quarter
Pipeline Generation by Salesperson last year across each quarterPipeline Generation by Salesperson last year across each quarter
Sales Person Performance last yearSales person performance last year across quarters. The rate of growth in comparison to the previous quarter is also plotted
Sales Person Performance last year – No of DealsSales person performance last year in the different quarters based on deal count. The rate of growth in comparison to the previous quarter i
Salesperson performance last quarterSales person performance last quarter, in terms of sales, number of deals won, lost and win rate %
This Quarter Sales by SalespersonThis quarter sales by salesperson
Top 5 Sales Person Last YearTop 5 Sales Persons based on sales done last year
Top 5 Sales Person Current QuarterTop 5 Sales Persons in Current Quarter
Who Lost the Most last yearSalesperson who lost the most deals and deal value last year, segmented by each Quarter

[toggle title=”Activities Analytics:” open=”no”]Erpisto Activities Analytics let you take data from the accounts, contacts, potentials, leads, user’s modules and activities module and synced to Erpisto reports. Different reports based on the activities module data are available in the Advanced Analytics. You can synchronize your data at any point of time easily through the use of activities analytics module.


Activities and Potentials Closed by Sales PersonSales Person Activities report based on Deals Won and Activities Done
Activities for Converted LeadsActivities done for Leads classified by Converted / Not Converted
Activities for Leads, Contacts, Accounts & PotentialsActivities completed by each Sales Person in the last 3 months categorized by modules
Activities for PotentialsActivities done for each Potential categorized based on Stage.
Activities handled by Sales PersonActivities handled by each Sales Person
Activities Distribution on Won PotentialsActivities type distribution on Won Potentials. Helps to find which Activity type help to win more potentials.
Activities Stream – This Quarter vs Last QuarterActivities flow this quarter vs last quarter
Average Days taken for First Activity on PotentialsAverage Days taken to initiate the first activity for potentials owned by Salespersons
Call time spent for potentials categorized by stages and monthsTotal time spent on Calls for potentials in each stages categorized by months
Calls volume Spread across 24 hoursCalls volume spread across 24 hours of a day. Number of Calls and Average duration is plotted. This month is selected by default
Daily Calls Report by SalespersonDaily Calls count for each Sales Person. Last 30 days is shown by default
Calls volume each dayCalls made each day categorized by type
Day-to-Day activities – This MonthDay-to-Day activities this month. You can apply filters by Salesperson and Activity Created time to view the report
Effective Activity Report – By Activity TypeEffective Activities Report by Activity Type. Helps to find which activity helps to win more deals for each Sales Person
Effective Activities Report – By Won DealEffective Activities Report by Won Deal. This report will have Tasks, Events, Calls per Won Deal
Hot AccountsHot Accounts based on number of Open Potentials associated and Activities handled for the Account
Hot Potentials (Top 10) based on ActivitiesTop 10 Potentials with more number of Activities associated
Activities on PotentialsActivities report on Potentials created each month by Salesperson
Activities trend by MonthActivities trend graph by Month. Categorized by each activity type.
Monthly Calls by call typeCalls made across months categorized by Call Purpose. Last 3 months is selected by default
Monthwise Events for Sales Person this yearMonth wise Events for each Sales Person this year
Potentials without any Activities by Sales PersonPotentials without any Activities report. You can filter based on potential created time.
Calls completed by each Sales Person classified by TypeCall report based on call type for each sales person
Tasks Overdue by Sales PersonOverdue Tasks by Sales person. Also provides overdue days and % of overdue
Tasks – Tasks Progress by Sales PersonTasks Progress by Sales Person report. You can filter based on Due Date.
Average time spent on Calls by Sales PersonAverage time spent on Calls by each Sales Person.
Time spent on Calls by Sales PersonTotal time spent on Calls by each Sales Person classified by Call Purpose.
Top 5 Sales Person based on Activities CompletedTop 5 Sales Persons based on the Activities completed by each of them.
Activities per Won DealAverage no. of Activities done for each Won Deal by each Sales Person

[toggle title=”Closed Cases Analytics” open=”no”]Erpisto Closed Cases Analytics combine the analytics and marketing in one place for perfectly immersed, effective and actionable data and insights. It lets you track the user analytics and launch the app marketing campaigns. Erpisto Closed Cases analytics help in providing the best analytical solutions for mobile and web apps.


% of Closed Cases – Month-wise% of closed cases monthly.
Cases Created – Status/Month-wiseNumber of cases in each month, and their status
Cases Created – This/Last MonthNumber of cases for each support person, based on status
Cases Created by Hours (This Month)Case creation split by hour of the day (for this month)
Cases Created by Origin – Last 12 MonthsCases created by origin in the last 12 months
Cases Created by Status – Last 12 MonthsCases created by status in the last 12 months
No. of Open Cases in Each Age TierThis report shows the number of open cases present in each Age Tier
Support Person Performance – This monthPerformances of support persons this month, based on cases assigned and cases closed.