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Warehouse is facility of storing products. Generally Manufacturer, wholesaler and importer are use warehouses. They use warehouse for storing raw material and finished goods. Companies store their goods for next use. Warehouse is place where you can store lot number of goods and as you need you can access. They store good and record total number of goods and also manage details of warehouse. If some goods are shipped to customers then they update record of goods and if some new goods are placed in warehouse then they also maintain this detail.  Companies manage their warehouse management manually they hire people for managing warehouse activities. But it can create problem for organization. Employees care human they can do mistake in calculation of goods or they may forget to record some important info. It might be possible that they loss their recorded info. If they are recording this info on paper then paper may be lost or demanded. For warehouse management it is more important to use software.

Some companies use software for warehouse management but those are not reliable they generate reports with errors of calculations mistakes. Erpisto Warehouse Management Software provides you facility to manage your warehouse activities accurately. It can store warehouse daily activities accurately and effectively. It is well designed software that can help you in warehouse management.  It can store seller assigned costs on products. It will remind you by mobile notification costs of products with full seller details. It can show every seller details with their unique cost of products. You can easily access to every customers details and cost of products. It also can handle multiple warehouses within warehouse. Some products are shift one place to another place within the warehouse and this will not effect on physical counting of goods so some systems ignore this but in the result of this ignorance manager face difficulties to find some specific item in warehouse because it was shifted current place to another and system did not save new position of the item.

Erpisto Warehouse Management Software can give you more effective reports of warehouse. It can send you reports with full calculation details. You can use this info with full trust. It is automatic software that store inventory info and generate reports. It also store picking location of stock.  It has also mobile app facility that reminds you about all activities of warehouse. You can use it anytime from anywhere on mobile. It is very helpful or that organizations that want to manage their warehouse effectively and want reliable reports.


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