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The business stands with the growing number of customers. More customer more market. To beat market competition good customer relationship is necessary. Good relations with customers improves customer satisfaction. The marketing process is also depends on good customer relationship. CRM Software in Romania is essential to create better customer relation. It is integrated tool that handles all marketing and sales process. It is automated solution that streamline business operations and improves productivity.

It also enables small business owners to control their business operations such as call centre management, E-Commerce management, online store management, supports marketing through emails and social media. The purpose of CRM Software is to focus on better customer care. It is an essential Part of Cloud ERP Software in Romania.

The ERP Software manages number of business processes some of them are following:

  • Customer Data Management
  • improves customer interaction
  • Accessibility of business operations
  • Automation of sales process
  • Management of business contracts
  • Manage marketing processes
  • Improved Customer support
  • Clients and contacts handling
  • Vendors and partnerships management
  • Employee and sales force Management
  • Better Management of assets and resources
  • Organize Call centre
  • Purchase and sales Orders Management


ERP Software is one complete solution that is set of small applications. It organizes, automates and aligns all processes between sales and marketing. It gives some benefits to organizations.

  • Automation

ERP Software in Fully automated that creates accurate results and establish a well defined sales process.

  • Flexible reports

The accurate information leads to make clean, Accurate and flexible sales reports to make business growth analysis.

  • Customizable

ERP is flexible and Customizable Solution that streamline all business operation and can modify according to business needs.

  • Integration of sales, marketing and accounting

The integration of sales, marketing and accounts save lots of owner’s time. It automatically generates reports for sales and finance. Cloud Accounting Software in Romania is also a part of CRM Software that helps to manage business finance.

  • High Accessibility and Security

ERP Software is high in accessibility and Security because of centralized database.

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Phone#: +61386585993


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