Seven Trends of ERP Software in Puerto Rico for Small medium enterprises in 2017

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Based on studies, results of expert and market analyses, the following trends will be established to Small medium enterprises in 2017:

Important role of Mobile applications in the industry

Mobile applications help users to work from anywhere and anytime. Scalable web applications which are directly connected to the cloud ERP software in Puerto Rico, helps to reduce maintenance efforts and greatly add investment security and flexibility.

Integration of ERP and CRM

Integrated CRM software in Puerto Rico provides a holistic view of customers and allows companies to provide individual support after sales service. The ERP system makes reliable information accessible to all departments in real time. Inclusive CRM functionalities, including marketing activities and lead management help to improve process efficiency.

The Internet of Things (IoT) sets new demands on ERP

The Internet of Things is an integral part of Industry. According to the survey, 15 % of the companies contributing have already integrated Internet of Things apps in their existing strategy in order to increase productivity.

The hardware needed for these developments, for example sensors, barcode readers and chips, no longer is a cost factor. But the challenge is to collect correct analysis of the data so that it can be productively used in production processes and supply chain.

Document management is now an integral part of ERP solutions

Using cloud ERP Software in Puerto Rico all e-mails, invoices and other documents can be assigned to a business transaction by only drag and drop and archived with it. For this reason, document management system must always be an integrated part of ERP software solution.

Merger of customers and suppliers via a web portal


With the help of fully integrated web portals into the cloud ERP software in Puerto Rico, this is now possible irrespective of the device, location or platform. Suppliers, customers, employees and sales agents can easily connect to the ERP system using their web browsers. Any authorized persons can access their data whenever they need for work in the ERP solution in real time.


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