Why do we need ERP software for growth of business?

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There are different ways in defining ERP software. Enterprise Resource Planning is an accounting oriented information system for planning and identifying the enterprise resource to make account and ship for customer orders. Software that are being managed during 1960/70 for traditional business functions like sales, marketing, accounts, production and human resource. It is not surprising that 44% of current ERP prospects are using multiple disparate systems that cause lots of manual, duplicate entry.

SAP business gives the ability to put all departments’ data in one software. It can manage accounts, maintain customer and sales information, track details of product and inventory information.

Successful implementation of and ERP software have many benefits:

  • Improve data accuracy

ERP software is composed of many modules where modules represent important component of business. If data is entered in one module such as receiving, it automatically update other modules like accounts payable and inventory. This updating occurs at the real time e.g. when transaction occur.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

ERP software can provide huge boost to the efficiency of daily transactions as per order fulfillment, on shipment time, performance of seller and management quality. Asset management software can manage daily assets and it can be very helpful to improve productivity.

  • Accurate Planning

ERP software can manage resource planning accurately. ERP Software can help in proper utilization of resources like raw materials, human resource and tools.

  • Lower cost of operations

It can manage all operations automatically and only one person can manage all these tasks no need to hire more employee for resource planning. In this way it can save your cost of operations.

  • Better CRM

Its CRM Software can manage customer relationship management. It can make better relationship between customer and organization. It can mange sales, customer contact info and as well as customers complaints about product.

  • Effective Account management

ERP software integrated with Cloud accounting software that can maintain daily accounts and make general ledger automatically. It can make accurate error free reports of all payable and receivable accounts.


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