Erpisto Insurance ERP to Simply Your Insurance Operations

Insurance companies are facing volatile market conditions, increased regulatory intervention, changing customer preferences and falling growth rate. These factors make significant impact on top and bottom line of insurance businesses. Insurance industry needs best products which can provide deep and incisive insights in to different aspects of insurance business.

Erpisto Insurance ERP Konnect supports different phases of insurance operations from prospects identification to policy maturity and claims settlement. Erpisto plays a key role in improving the performance of key business levers including customer retention, channels productivity and claims management. Erpisto assures you that your decisions are based on accurate and validated data.

Erpisto Insurance ERP Konnect Features

  • 360 degree view of all the important functions to ensure total performance management
  • Intelligent analysis to ensure that organization outperforms competition in core areas
  • Trends, patterns and key comparisons identification to provide complete understanding of best markets and next targets for future growth

Erpisto Insurance ERP Konnect Modules

Some of the major modules of Erpisto Insurance ERP Konnect are:

Agent Management

Agent Management module helps you to achieve planned profitability as it will enable you to identify and analyze the trends across different channels. It enables you to:

  • Develop understanding about the sales behavior of agents, managers and channel partners which lead to better relationship maintenance matric, reward programs and partner retention strategies.
  • Performance comparison of different distribution channels to offer drill down capability for individual agents and products
  • Assessment of actions effectiveness by measuring the performance


Policy Management

This module offers analytical reports to have clear idea about the operational efficiency of policy issuance. Policy management enables you to:

  • Monitor different trends in terms of products, premium codes or channels
  • Devise policy revival strategies
  • Connect with clients and find way for up selling and cross selling with complete monitoring of high value premium
  • Improve customer retention through management and handling of insurer issues


Claims Management

You can constantly track and report on all the registered claims and see their progress in terms of settlement which avoids any delays in claim payment. Erpisto Insurance ERP Konnect facilitates you in claim management by offering:

  • Complete understanding of trends in claims in terms of products, geographies or channels
  • Payouts analysis to remove any kind of discrepancy


Profitability Management

Profitability Management module in Erpisto Insurance ERP Konnect offer periodical analysis of key ratios including the conservation, retention and expenses ratio and it gives you complete details on profitability of the business and it help you in avoiding costs. Profitability Management allows you to perform:

  • Premium analysis to track the performance of product by distribution channel or geography
  • Assessment of the profitability and productivity of every product along with its geography and distribution channel.



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