Erpisto is an effective high school management system which helps you in managing the fees through paperless bookkeeping. You can easily eliminate the manual processes with the user friendly web based software that the designed to be easy for use. No matter you are experienced or a novice of accounts, you can easily make necessary changes in the fee structures, create your own fee heads, receive the payments and general the fee dues with ease.

You also have an opportunity to define the fees types which needs to be collected from specific grades and you can easily create a dynamic fee structure. Erpisto is designed to handle many types of fee scenarios and it helps you in devising custom rules for fees and create new ones based on the specific needs. You also have an option to assign a fee structure to each and every student automatically based on the class fee structure. You just need to make few clicks and you will be able to print any fee receipt or form within seconds through Erpisto fee management.

Erpisto Fee Management Features

Completely Customizable Software

  • Completely customizable fee structure which include class fee settings, individual student fee setting, discount rules, fine rules, late fee fine rules.
  • You have an option to setup Fee Terms on Monthly / Quarterly basis.
  • Users can set class fee setting once and then you will not need to mention each student again and again.
  • You can set their fee individually in case of different fee setting for some students.
  • Discount rules can be setup like teacher son etc. and apply it once or many times.
  • Fee slip generation for the whole school with a single click.
  • Make changes via its special form if some students still need changes in some slips.

Erpisto Data Entry Features

  • Monthly fee slip generation form.
  • Single student fee slip generation form.
  • Auto calculation of absence, misconduct and other type of fines.
  • Fee collection cash and bank option.
  • Late fee fine inclusion while fee collection.
  • Regular fee slips can’t be created twice due to mistake.
  • 100% recovery of late fee fines.
  • Automatic inclusion of occasional fees to be included for specific terms (like annual funds, Ac charges etc.)
  • Collect transport and boarder fee.
  • Discount rules gives option to setup rules once and it will always be applied to selected students like Teacher son discount.

Bunch of Reports

  • Fee Slips Printing.
  • Fee slips Printing on pre-printed fee vouchers.
  • Customization option in printing fee slips like, duplicate printing fee, arears to print or not etc.
  • Student Outstanding Balance report.
  • Student Ledger term wise.
  • Term wise detailed and summerized analytical report.
  • Fee head wise detailed and summerized analytical reports.
  • Fee collection reports.
  • Fee collection print for parents.
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