[accordian class=”” id=””] [toggle title=”Do we offer any discounts on yearly contracts?” open=”yes”]Yes we do offer discounts but they vary from solution to solution. You need to contact us to get information about the discount we offer on specific solution and service. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How long do Bilytica offer contracts?” open=”no”]Bilytica contract plans may vary from monthly to yearly basis depending on the requirements of the client.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do I sign up to take demo of Bilytica Solutions?” open=”no”]You can start with a demo by filling out and submitting a form. We don’t take any personal information until you determine the right product and solution for you. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Do I have the option to switch or select multiple plans?” open=”no”]Yes you can select multiple plans and also have the option to switch between plans in case you need any upgrading but cost may increase if you make a switch between plans. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Do Bilytica offer any industry specific solutions? ” open=”no”]Yes we do offer industry specific solutions to deal the requirements of different clients working in different industries. You can find customized industry solution on Industries portion of this website and can choose the desired customized solution for your industry. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How can I ask additional questions which I have in mind?” open=”no”]Support team of Bilytica is available 24/7 and they answer each and every query asked by any visitor. You can contact our support team to get answers of all your questions. [/toggle] [/accordian]
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