Let the client schedule appointments online through an iPad POS
Erpisto is designed to provide a comprehensive scheduling for salons, spas and other businesses. Erpisto makes it easy to book and organize the appointments due to its ability for scheduling by individual employee and service location. You can easily manage your business through an intelligent calendar offered by Erpisto.

Main benefits of Erpisto Appointment Scheduling

Master Control

Master control let the users manage employee schedules on one calendar from Erpisto iPad POS system. Users can easily view appointments on the basis of employee or date range.

Custom Service Providers

You can easily link the employees for every applicable service and then you can specify custom prices, commissions and durations.

Complete POS accessibility

Scheduling is offered as an overlay capability in order to have full advantage of every Erpisto POS feature which includes inventory management, employee tracking and reporting with analytics.

Time Blocking

Manage the employee’s availability and block out the time for vacations and lunch breaks.

Text and email confirmations

Users can send conformations to the clients through text and email after the appointments booking on Erpisto POS system.

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