Erpisto let you manage the customer preferences and view purchasing history
Erpisto is a perfect POS system for keeping the track of detailed customer information along with the preferences with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on management console. CRM makes use of the advanced technology for organizing and synchronizing the information of the customer with buying behavior. All the business owners can easily analyze customer order history through the utilization of CRM reports to tailor the fittings according to customer requirements.

Main Benefits of Erpisto CRM

Erpisto Exporting Capabilities

Businesses can easily export the data to reporting platform of choice which can include any reliable and popular system.

Build Customer relationships

You can easily document the contact information for future communication and get complete knowledge of buying preferences.

Profit Margins Increase

Erpisto allows you to discover the high demand items for improving the business offerings and increase the sales.

Profile Creation of Customer

Erpisto allows you to manage the customer profiles and access detailed database which records purchase order history, personal info and the preferences. You can easily keep the record of information

Integration with Erpisto Delivery Management Console

Restaurants offer the delivery benefit from CRM. You can have immediate and real time access to customer information including name, noted preferences and delivery address.

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