Erpisto makes clock in and clock out easy and let you access managerial permissions with swipe cards
Erpisto let the business owners create and assign the login and swipe cards for the staff. Swipe cards are assigned to the designated users through employee pin. Employees have an option to clock in and out access the specific permissions while logging in to the system. This is the feature which let businesses in operations with enhanced security and owners can track employees easily.

Main Benefits of Employee Login and Swipe Cards

Unique Logins

Owners of the business can easily assign unique login to every employee which ensures that the data associated with each employee is trackable and organized.

Employee Tracking

Employee tracking can be done on the basis of Login ID and you have an option to view the clock in and clock out times along with the breaks taken and hours worked.

Robust and Simplified Login Process

Erpisto login and swipe cards allow employees in clock in and log in with simple swipe. It certainly speeds up login process rather than entering employee number when logging in.

Employee Performance Analysis

You have an option to use the performance analysis feature with Payroll management and can generate different reports for the employee’s time worked which include the overtime and double time. You can cross check the reports with sales reporting and then make calculations on the employee efficiency.

Increased Security

Employee login and swipe cards offer enhanced security. You can let the admins and appropriate employees access business information and POS system which ensures that business data is safe from any kind of unauthorized access.

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