Perform Management and tracking of gift card programs for business at low cost
Erpisto generate the sales by offering the option of purchase to customers and use gift cards. Business owners make full control of gift card management program from permission sets to the performance reporting. Erpisto partner makes use of production and customization of business gift cards according to the liking.

Main Benefits of Gift Cards

Customer Profiles Management

Link gift cards to customer profile and keep the contact information of card users for further reference.

Card swipe integration

Gift cards are highly integrated with Erpisto card swipes for ensuring the smooth and robust transactions.

Eco-friendly Environment

Card less gift card program assures the eco-friendly environment while setting up gift cards according to the need.

Customizable Gift Cards

Erpisto experts offer the best designs of gift cards which are produced on the basis of businesses branding requirements.

Process and Receive Payments Easily

You can easily receive and process the payments from gift card purchases immediately for card usage.

Intelligent Reporting with advanced analytics

Perform tracking of each gift card in real time by making full use of Erpisto.

Management Access

Easily create and manage the gift cards right from management console within Erpisto POS.

Flat rates

Erpisto gift cards offer flat rate with unlimited usage which ensures perfection.

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