Erpisto lets you save your precious time with intelligent reporting and analytics which explain your business progress and projection
Erpisto allows you to gain insight on your business’s performance in real time with its reporting and analytics suite. You can easily access detailed reports on the completed sales and order history summaries for obtaining perfect understanding of top selling items and the buying behaviors of customers. Erpisto let you discover the right ways for the growth of your business with real time and valuable data.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Real Time Reporting with Analytics

Erpisto let user monitor and track the sales performance and other activities of the business in real time. You can stay informed about the business operations and get idea whether the sales are performing perfectly or not.

Complete Business Performance Insights

Erpisto allows you to view summary and detailed level reports in order to obtain the completed insights about the business performance. You can determine the best and worst selling items with intelligent reporting and analytics.

Make informed Strategic decisions smartly

Erpisto POS allows you to leverage the important data to take the strategic decisions in the right direction confidently and improve the overall business and profit margins.

Erpisto Auditing Capabilities

Get complete view of all the orders immediately in order to determine any kind of suspicious behavior and address all the potential theft issues which may arise any time.

List of Erpisto Accessible Intelligent Reports and Analytics

Sales Summary View

It presents the global breakdown of financial payments and transactions.

Order Complete History

A comprehensive history of all orders is offered which includes any and all relevant information.

Labor Costs

You can easily perform the tracking of labor costs as a percentage of incoming sales.

Establishment Payments

Show the total sales for various locations along with all franchise fee calculations.

Payment Summary View

You have an option to view detailed breakdown of payment types received.

Voids and Discounts

It will offer the tracking of all voids, discounts, exchanges or returns.

Product Mix View

A listing of all products sold will be shown in specified time period with easy to read graphs and figures.

Different Payouts View

Easily perform the tracking of till payouts for employee tips and purchases according to the specified criteria.

Hourly Sales View

You can have complete view of the total sales which is broken down by the hour or time period.

Delivery Driver Reports for restaurants

This is Ideal for the pizza shops and delivery restaurants as you can perform the tracking of average food prep times, average delivery times, tips and relevant delivery information.

Gift and Reward Card Reports

Erpisto will offer a series of reports which will show the outstanding gift cards, gift card transactions, and outstanding reward card point values.

Customers’ Orders View

It shows the detailed CRM system to track the customers’ contact information, comprehensive order history and any relevant notes or info according to your requirement.


It will offer the detailed breakdown of various tax totals on the basis of tax rate.

Catering & Delivery View

Stay on top of any pre-ordered items and upcoming orders.

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