Track your inventory levels in real time to opt for restocking
Erpisto lets you track and monitor the business inventory by offering user friendly interface. You can certainly save much time by the avoidance of manual count of items and lower the costs after getting complete knowledge about when to stock and what is the actual quantity. You can easily manage the purchase and reorder process through Erpisto management console after the recognition of lowest stock levels.

Main Benefits of Inventory Management

Calculate waste loss with accuracy

Erpisto management console let all the users calculate waste loss variance and waste loss percentages automatically which help the businesses in minimizing the chances of loss.

Alerts Automation

Erpisto allows you to set the low stock alert thresholds inside the management console and It automatically send the alerts when you get passed below a certain level for giving you a reminder.

Lower You’re Costs Remarkably

You don’t need to under or over order for the inventory as Erpisto offers you the inventory monitoring and you can determine the right time to reorder and quantity at your own.

Save Your Precious time

You can easily input the inventory of your business on a user friendly management console and Erpisto iPad POS certainly ease out the sales process. You can certainly save countless hours by avoiding the inventory count.

Comprehensive Tracking in Real Time

Erpisto lets you monitor the inventory levels to know the exact quantity of items which are available currently.

Ease of PO Creation

You can easily and efficiently create POs when you find the need to reorder the items. You can document the vendor contact information and link the details to products for PO creation. When you receive the orders, you can easily notify the system for inventory update.

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