IPad POS lets you create an order from one terminal and makes payment from other
IPad Syncing is one of an important feature of Erpisto POS. Erpisto POS system has the ability to communicate locally through the use of advanced cloud technology. Users have an option to take action on one POS and then complete the next steps on another one. You can easily take orders on one POS and then complete the checkout process on a different one.

Main Benefits of iPad Syncing

Fast and reliable service

Erpisto offers a fast, reliable and easier checkout process for the customers.

Merge the orders

Erpisto allow users to merge the orders from numerous POS stations.

No Disruptions of any kind

Erpisto POS keeps on syncing even if the Wi-Fi connection goes down.


Erpisto POS give convenience to the customers by letting them order and check out from different POS stations.

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