Erpisto ensures wait times reduction through customers’ orders in advance
You can provide fast order with online ordering feature of Erpisto. Erpisto is an integrated online ordering system with its POS specialized feature. Customers can easily reduce the wait time and schedule the pickups by advance ordering through website. Orders can be easily sent to the kitchen after the purchase.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Online Ordering

Wait times reduction

Online orders can easily be placed in advance for the pickup which means less time spending by the customers in the waiting line.

Customer Convenience

Customers have an option to place orders online and its pickup.

Erpisto Mobile ordering

Erpisto Mobile ordering feature is available on a mobile device. Customers can easily place orders on the go right from their mobile devices.

Pickup time customization

Customers have an option to set pickup time for the online orders. We have an option for immediate pickup and specify later time and date. Pickup times are quite restricted based on the business hours so you don’t need to worry about the customers asking for the pickups after business closure at the day end.

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