Erpisto POS allows to constantly monitor and enter social media conversations in real time
Erpisto lets you stay up to date on social media conversation around the business with its amazing social media integration. It makes easy for the users to tweet messaging on twitter and get knowledge about the people who are checking on social media platforms like Facebook directly from Erpisto POS. Mobile businesses like food trucks make use of Erpisto POS to let the followers know exact location in real time for fetching nearly customers easily.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Social Media Integration

Monitoring of Social Media Conversation

You will have a notification whenever a customer check-ins or make comments about your business or products on social media. You can have an opportunity to be a part of conversation and engage with them in real time.

Integration at multiple platforms

Erpisto POS solution integrates with a large array of social media platforms which includes Facebook, twitter and others etc.

Wide Reach of Audience

You can easily broaden your reach and share news and offers related to the business with existing and new customers through social media integration offers by Erpisto.

Twitter messaging at Ease from POS

You can share the updates with followers by tweeting directly and instantly from Erpisto POS. Employees of the business can make use of social media integration to attract the customers and special announcements can also be made easily. You can send message to the customers and fans like from Erpisto POS easily.

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