Erpisto POS allows you to read the factory level barcode by following all the barcode standards
Erpisto Universal barcode reading allows you to read the existing SKUs and it has the ability to scan different factory level barcodes which include QR codes for following a different number of standards. Erpisto POS systems have the ability to read existing SKUs which mean that merchants don’t need to create the new ones and they can certainly save costs and time.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Universal Barcode Reading

Multiple Barcodes Reading Capability

Erpisto’s iPad POS has the ability to read barcodes which include the discounted codes and work with various barcode standards.

Save your Money

You need to go for creation and payment for the new SKUs as Erpisto POS has the ability to read the existing ones.

Account Creation Capability for Each Item

You can easily make sure that each and every item is accounted for a robust inventory with efficient ability to read barcode and SKU.

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