Erpisto is a unique Point of Sale software that has developed a POS system which accommodates the visually impaired people in the best way. Erpisto Accessibility App works efficiently and smartly with a Bluetooth keyboard, that gives ease to the visually impaired users in entering commands and have high level usage of POS functionalities. Erpisto’s app enables the commands audibly so visually impaired persons have an option to communicate the exact operation and time which they want to perform.

Erpisto Visually-Impaired POS Key Features

Visually-Impaired Accommodations

Erpisto Accessibility App makes it very easy for the visually impaired to manage it.

Hardware Integration

People with disabilities can enter direct commands easily in no time with a paired Bluetooth keyboard.

Wi-Fi Management

Erpisto Point of Sale solution runs on one of the strongest, most secure Wi-Fi networks which makes it easy to handle tasks.

Intelligent Reporting

Get all the reports of your specific requirements in no time with complete ease.

Keep transactions running continuously

Get business transactions running in an efficient manner with extraordinary ease and perfection.

24/7 Support team

Our 24/7 support team is ready to answer any queries at any point of time.

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