Erpisto’s Customer Display System is an easy to use and customer friendly POS screen which gives information about the orders with total amount, concessions and other relevant information. Erpisto is wireless and incredibly fast POS system and it allows the customers to track the orders. Erpisto Display System allows the users to showcase a collection of photos. Customers have an option to input information directly on the display screen when participating with loyalty program of Erpisto. Your business can clearly inform clients of purchases and streamlines the checkout process with Erpisto Customer Display System.

Erpisto Customer Display System Key Features

Erpisto bar Tab Management

You can add tip amounts to payments easily through Erpisto bar tab management.

Erpisto Sign on Screen

Customers can easily write signature without a need for a pen in just few minutes.

Digital Signage Software

You can add and display interesting and high quality images, messages and advertisements.

Various Options for Receipt

You can have various options for receipt and you can discuss whether you want to print, email or decline receipts according to your need.

24/7 Support for Clients

Erpisto POS allows you to access management console remotely to assist in any troubleshooting.

Erpisto Customer Relationship Management

Erpisto CRM have an ability to manage the customers’ preferences and view purchasing history.

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