Order Alert Screen allows the customers to see when their orders are ready for the pickup and delivery. This screen offers a clear and large visual display which show the status of all the orders and it keeps customers up to date when their orders are ready for pickup. Employees of the company use this screen to perform details tracking and make sure that orders keep on going at the right time. Erpisto is a wireless system which offers business friendly environment. Erpisto’s Customer Order Alert Screen integrates perfectly with other systems to ensure perfect operations.

Erpisto Key Features Key for All Types of Businesses

24/7 Reliable Support

24/7 reliable and exceptional supporting capabilities will assist in answering all the questions about the system.

Wi-Fi Management

Connect and sync multiple terminals easily through Erpisto Wi-Fi Management.

Erpisto Master Control Screen

Master control screen allows you to push changes and have full control of operations from one POS system.

Mobile Device Management

Erpisto let the users have access to the management console remotely to quickly assist in any troubleshooting.

Digital Signage Software

Display all the images, messages and advertisements in various phases of sales.

Business Processes running all the time

Keep all the business processes running at all times without any disruptions.

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