Erpisto Event POS was basically designed with an aim of managing high volume and fast paced environments. It ensures the real-time reporting with analytics and business executives are able to monitor the sales performance and inventory levels throughout the course of an event. You can make sure that the inventory levels are always stocked at the right level with an intelligent Inventory Management POS system offered by Erpisto. Opt for the Erpisto as it will allow you to start maximizing profit margins and makes management of your business easier.

Erpisto POS Key Features to Events

Erpisto CRM

Manage your customers’ preferences and view purchasing history through the efficiency of our smart CRM.

IPad Syncing

Erpisto is one of the very few iPad POS which can create an order from one iPad terminal and complete payment from another.

Manage your Inventory Smartly

Keep track of the inventory levels in real-time so you know items and their quantity for restocking.

Employee Scheduling

Manage all the employees’ schedules, hours worked and payroll with full efficiency and accuracy.

Intelligent Reporting with Advance Analytics

Save time with reports along with analytics which will give the real time view of business progress and projection to you.

Keep business in running mode

Keep business running continuously during an Internet slow down.

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