Erpisto Frozen Yogurt POS is one of the best world renowned POS system to integrate comprehensively with food-safe scaling to ensure profitability and avoid fees. You can start tracking your various topping’s stock levels in real time with Erpisto inventory management and make use of CRM feature to record the customer buying behaviors and their preferences. Erpisto loyalty programs allow the Frozen Yogurt POS system to reward and retain existing and new customers according to their requirement.

Erpisto Key Features to Frozen Yogurt Shops

Scale Integration

Erpisto Scales integrate directly to the POS without any sort of double entry which allows for fast communication.

Always On Mode

Keep business up and running during an Internet slow-down or power outage.

Erpisto Loyalty Programs

Start your own yogurt rewards card through the Erpisto Yogurt POS to build customer loyalty and offer rewards.

Multiple Tare Values for Erpisto Frozen Yogurt POS Customer

Erpisto gives you an option to set the multiple tare values which gives you an option of weighing several products simultaneously for a single order.

Erpisto POS Ingredient Inventory Management

Track inventory of each topping through Erpisto specialized inventory management so you know what to restock and when.

Manage Employee Scheduling Efficiently

Manage your employees’ schedules, hours worked and payroll no matter how many employees you have in your company.

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