You definitely need to bag your old POS and upgrade the system to Erpisto Grocery POS. Erpisto offers the best Grocery POS system to integrate directly with food safe scale which ensures the profitability and avoiding fees. There are preconfigured hardware options like scanners and printers which work seamlessly with Erpisto POS. You can build the customer loyalty with Erpisto Integrated CRM and customer reward programs.

Features Key to Grocery Stores

Erpisto Reporting and Analytics

Erpisto Reporting and analytics let you get complete insights for sales and revenue of your Grocery store.

Inventory Management

If you want to keep track of your inventory levels in real time then you need opt for Erpisto as it allows you to manage stocks efficiently.

Multiple Tier Values

Erpisto let you set the multiple tier values to make sure that several products are weighted out simultaneously for single order.

Loyalty Programs

Erpisto Grocery store POS system lets you start your own grocery club card program to build the customer loyalty and offer the customer rewards.

Always On Mode

Make sure your cash is correct at the end of the day with the Revel Till feature

Scale Integration

Erpisto Scales’ integration allows you to integrate the scales directly with your POS without the double entry which makes it perfect for fast communication.

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