When you will opt for the Erpisto Kiosk POS then you will let the customers place orders, select the modifiers and apply the coupons according to your need. You can easily make a perfect customer experience through images attachment against each item. Erpisto allows you to order easily and it offers interactive platform for the customers and reduce your labor costs along with time. By opting for Erpisto, you can easily grow your business right from today.

Erpisto Kiosk POS Key Features

Operations Always ON

Business operations run smoothly as Erpisto POS has the ability to run even in power Outage and other such accidental conditions.

Custom Permissions (Options)

You can create custom permissions according to your business requirements.

Manage Stocks Efficiently

Perform stock management and tracking by inventory management functionality and fulfill the inventory management needs.

Employee Scheduling

Create schedule of the employees on your own and manage them on high and low priority basis.

Erpisto CRM

See the customer preferences and then manage them on your own with perfection and complete ease to know customer behaviors and their future needs.

Intelligent Reporting

Reporting and analytics is an important aspect of Erpisto which let you Save valuable time with reports and tabular data.

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