Erpisto Movie POS increase the ticket sales and it shortens the wait times for the concessions and discounts. We offer a feature rich POS which allows the customers to customize the movie POS to their specific movie theater needs. Erpisto Movie Point of Sales can perform ticket printing directly from the POS which perfectly manages the ticket sales and ensures inventory tracking in real time. Erpisto POS offers enhanced compliance to meet the high quality standards.

Erpisto POS Key Features for Movie Theaters

Keep running your Business

Erpisto Always ON Mode let you keep your running business during the power outage.

Preconfigured Hardware

Erpisto POS system offers a plug and play solution which can be set-up with an ease.

Intelligent Reporting

Save time with reports that are drilled down to maximum levels for perfection.

Specified Stations

You can easily distinguish POS stations in the form of ticket sales and concession stands.

Cinema Distribution Compliance

You can easily track the number of tickets sold per movie over the course of its entire run through an executive dashboard offered by Erpisto Movie POS.

Erpisto Inventory Management

Perform tracking of your inventory levels to know the restocking items and their need.

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