CYOD- Perfect Alternative to BYOD or Not

Different companies are making their IT policies about bring your own device. These companies usually find the idea useful because it reduce the costs by offering opportunity to the employees to work on the tablets and smartphones at which they are familiar. Some companies don’t like this idea as they think it as a headache especially when you talk about ERP. Plenty of security measures need to be adopted to ensure that data don’t get compromised. Technical staff also needs to do the necessary configuration settings in order to let every device work with the software. Due to these issues companies are now moving towards ‘Choose your own device’ mechanism rather than BYOD.

Choose it rather than bringing it

Companies can let their employees pick one device from the ones available with the company rather than bringing their own device. This mechanism let the employer and IT staff have great control over the devices and they can also limit the selection according to the requirements. Devices remain property of the company so employee have to return them in case of firing or resignation. CYOD terms can vary when you talk about the devices which are acceptable. IT staff can choose the best devices which can work best for the company. Expansion or limitation can be set on the devices depending on the needs of the firm and they can also let the company use specific policies on how the devices needs to be used.

Enhanced security for ultimate conveniencemobile-phones-air

Security is the main advantage when you will opt for the CYOD policy. IT teams can manage the security policies more efficiently by developing the right practices to keep data for the specific tablets and smartphones. No problems will be faced if some device gets stolen or lost. IT teams don’t really require too much time to create the security protocols and they also find it easy to perform updates, troubleshooting and other important activations and deactivations.

Companies may have to bear extra costs in order to buy the devices which is not the case with BYOD. Limited range of devices with the company may not interest the employees and they may not find themselves familiar and comfortable with the devices which company is offering to them. Security and personal issues needs to be addressed properly as many employees may still want to use their own devices rather than using the one which is provided to them by the company. You need to make sure that adopt the policy which best suit to the company environment rather than choosing something without any benefit.

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