Role of Executives in an ERP implementation

You need to make sure that you have everyone on board when an ERP implementation is done. Each and every stakeholder in the company needs to be involved in the implementation and he/she should play effective role in ERP success. There are many companies which don’t really consider the role of executives in the ERP implementation. It is necessary that the executives own the transition process even if they are not involved in the ERP implementation.

Specific Direction is necessary

new-directionTop executives usually tend to defer the responsibilities to the subordinates as they feel that they have other important matters to deal with and they also don’t want to take the responsibility if ERP implementation results in failure. Experts believe that executives have an important role to play in an ERP implementation and top executives are involved in an ERP implementation then it is likely to succeed.

You need to ensure that the top level executive get involved in the implementation in some capacity. Someone must be there to give directions to the team and to define the parameters for success. Progress benchmarks needs to be established to determine the state of integration and to go for a successful implementation.

Controlling Voice and Hand

Executives carry forward complete control over the resources and project and it is essential for them to use the control for moving the project smoothly. Best resources needs to be allocated on the implementation to make sure that project is not burdened by cost overruns and any kinds of delays. Top executive should also determine the roles and responsibilities of the implementation team make sure that each and everything keeps moving in the right direction. Executives need to give a clear plan on how the project will go ahead and they can enable the team to have the judgment by having full support on what they wish to do.

Executive involved in an ERP implementation must present him/herself as the voice of the implementation. He/she must obtain knowledge to explain that why they are going for an ERP implementation and how it will benefit the company. When a top executive is involved in an ERP implementation then employees are surely going to feel much more confident about an ERP success due to complete control over a project.

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