Top Emerging Technological Trends of 2017 in ERP Software in Uruguay

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The day by day improvements in Information Technology, the enterprises follows more efficient and productive ways to systemize business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning is most widely used solution in the present era while some of the improvements are added in ERP Solutions. The use of ERP Software in Uruguay is getting more popular now a days.  Here are some new ERP trends that determine the core purpose of ERP Software:

  1. Integration of Cloud Computing

Cloud Based ERP Software in Uruguay enables companies to only manage their data, resources and applications. It reduces the management of operating systems, networking, storage locations, and disaster recovery.

  1. Involvement IoT in ERP

ERP is now groomed up with the implementation of Internet of Things in it. Human interaction with machinery is now getting lessen. IoT improves automation capabilities of machines in enterprises that is supported by well structured ERP Software.

  1. Use of Big Data analytics tools

In the world of ERP solutions the use of Big Data analysis separately is now reduced. It is now a well developed function of ERP Software.

  1. Quick and fast processes

The use of high speed processor and cloud storage make ERP world faster, efficient and more secured. trillions of calculation can solve in Nano-seconds. It makes business processes cheaper and quicker.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Interaction of Human resources in manufacturing and distribution industry are become more automated and faster due wide use of robotic technology. Business owners just needs to track and monitor process with less human involvement.

  1. More ERP Security

Cloud based systems uses centralized database and backup system that make ERP processes and data more secure.  

  1. Integration of ERP, CRM and BI

Business Intelligence and CRM is now integrated with ERP Software. The use of BI in ERP is customizable it can manage according to business needs. The CRM Software in Uruguay is most important part of ERP that streamlines the sales and marketing processes.

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