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With the growing technological trends in Manufacturing and Distribution market the companies need to implement a complete solution to control over and plan their supply, manufacturing and distribution chains. They require a centralized system that integrates all industrial processes.  The implementation of ERP Software in Turkey streamlines their manufacturing and distribution processes through one complete system.  It includes all industrial functions i.e;

  • Material Management and planning
  • Purchasing order and receiving orders
  • Physical management of resources
  • Processing of orders
  • Warehouse and storage management
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation management

The Manufacturing companies deals with the raw material for making products. The good material yields Quality products. After the production processes, products need to allocate in their best place and the last process is delivery. Manufacturing ERP Software in Turkey helps to organize the whole manufacturing process from the evaluation of raw material to the delivery of products.

The distribution Companies are like the middle party between manufacturer and retailers. They purchase products from manufacturer and supply them to retailers. It includes orders handling, tracking of goods supplied, and so on. The use of Distribution ERP Software in Turkey helps distributers to make their processes efficient and timely.

The ERP Software plays different role for different industries depending on their functional needs and resources. It helps to plan, organize and integrate the daily industrial processes. It can keep track and monitor resources and operations. The general functions of distribution or manufacturing companies are same such as:

  • Acquisition of products
  • Movement of products
  • Transaction of products
  • Keeping eye on what is out of stock and what is over stock in warehouse

Trends of manufacturing and distribution:

The market leading companies focuses on new trends to compete market such as:

  • Fully automated system lessen labors and staff
  • Leasing and Outsourcing
  • More services related to products
  • International manufacturing
  • Large warehouses, fully computerized
  • Use of Special equipments for manufacturing and distribution
  • Use of Logistics and supply chain services

The ERP Software provides all types of services for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies that increases revenues and productivity.

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Phone#: +61386585993

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