MicroFinance ERP Software in Saudi Arabia

Microfinance ERP Software In Saudi Arabia

The widely used #1 Microfinance ERP Software in Saudi Arabia | Erpisto. Erpisto has a huge list of clients who are successfully using this software package.It is a special software designed to address the needs of the Microfinance Institutions, Non-Government Organizations (NGO) and Corporative organizations to digitize their complete life-cycle.This software is composed of Management Information Systems (MIS), Accounting Management System and other modules for the management of all the Human Resources (HR) operations. #1 Microfinance ERP Software in Saudi Arabia | Erpisto a very user-friendly and interactive interface which can be easily adaptable into any organization whether it is small or large-scaled.

We are offering a robust #1 Microfinance ERP Software in Saudi Arabia | Erpisto with which management of branches, clients, loans, savings and all the accounts related operations can be performed hassle-free. All this important information was not that secured before, but with the advent of this software into your system, it makes your operations completely automated.It is basically an ERP Software in Saudi Arabia that could help manage all the organizational operations while enhancing the overall productivity.


Important Modules of Erpisto Microfinance ERP

  • Member and Group Management
  • Customers Management
  • Customer Query
  • Advances Management
  • Deposits Management
  • Agency
  • Loans Management and complete processing
  • Group Meetings
  • Shares and Dividends
  • Transactions Manager
  • Report Writer
  • Static Data Maintenance
  • Products Settings
  • Import and Export Tool
  • General Ledger
  • Dash Board Manager
  • Customer accounts Manager
  • Language Captions and Messages Editor
  • Treasury Management
  • Bank Reconciliation Tool
  • Marker Checker
  • Fixed Asset Manager

Salient Features

There is a list of features which helps in delivering the high-quality operational capability to any organization.

  • Multi-currency& multilingual user interface
  • CRM module: captures all the customers’ related information
  • Custom fields and forms for better management
  • Recurring deposits
  • Set up of salaried loans
  • Detailed loan management (from first step to the last step)
  • Loan repayment performance highlights
  • Insurance details tracking
  • Regulatory bank reporting
  • Credit scoring module
  • Group meetings and schedules synchronization
  • Client group exits tracking
  • Rescheduling of loans
  • Loan history tracking
  • Refinancing loans / top-ups
  • Batch disbursements /rescheduling / pay offs
  • Customization Event Driven Procedure

 Core Benefits

  • Increased in overall efficiency, with faster transaction, loan and group processing.
  • Very fast and easy to import and export business data in any format.
  • Customizable procedure that allows customers and business owners to enjoy the changing trends in the market.
  • Accurate and efficient Management Information System (MIS) Reports for analysis of profits and loss of the overall business.
  • With a user friendly customer query and live reporting dashboard, users are able to gather information about all the data and customer information all in a single big screen.
  • Increased customer margin with easy integration to your complete system.
  • Flexible and consolidated balance sheet for different branches.

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