Keep Track of Micro-Finance and small Loans by using Microfinance ERP in Saudi Arabia

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Micro-Finance ERP in Saudi Arabia is a Micro-Finance Management Software uniquely created for the Micro-finance Institutes, NGO’s and Cooperative Societies to robotize their work process. This product highlights coordinated Management Information System (MIS), Accounting Management System (AMS) and Human Resource (HR) modules.

You could determine individual details of customer record, for example, individual and family data, customer status, current and closed loans and saving accounts, lists of charges and notes. You could monitor changes whenever you like so you were dependably in the know regarding any data about your customers.

Benefits for MFI’s

  • High Quality Delivery, Software Stability –
  • Quick reaction to client’s requests for new features.
  • Provides Continuous help while entire time frame.
  • Clear and accurate documentation of product deployment

Benefits at Customer End

  • Quality of micro-finance software.
  • Security of Client’s data.
  • Continuous assistance.

Micro-Finance ERP in Saudi Arabia

How Micro-Finance ERP Works?

Micro-Finance ERP in Saudi Arabia is highly integrated software package that covers all aspects of micro-finance institutions.

  1. Collect information and requirements from customers
  2. Gather Customization settings.
  3. Monitor to match the most useful configuration settings.
  4. Setting up customize software instance.
  5. Keeps eyes on production server,  that is always accurate with no errors.
  6. Provides trainings for groups and individual.
  7. Importing all balances and accounts, when required.


  • Branch Management
  • Product or Service Management
  • Purchase order management
  • Manage Users of software in MFI’s
  • Insurance Management
  • Loan Security
  • Handle Loan processing
  • Recovery of Loan
  • Provides Registration for members
  • Manage Financial Accounting
  • Manage Funds for head office
  • Branch Funds Management
  • Loan Donation management

Request Free Demo:

Mobile#: +966547315697




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